Moon Ritual Kit


Spell Kits! Customized just for you: pick whether you’re working to manifest pleasure or protect/ banish & add a note with any specific needs. Kit comes with everything you need (candles, matches, etc,), a handmade mini zine guide, and Haint T camho bandana/ tarot mat/ alter cloth. Camo cotton with pink ink.

Tarot card design features Haint T with tits out & pentagram nips, Louis at her feet with the crab & scorpion of her Sun, Moon, & Rising signs, as well as mountain laurel flowers. The card is framed with the roman numerals for east Kentucky area code 606, Haint T, and the tag line "Black Heart Redneck". One of a kind, of course, and VERY limited run. Design by Bread & Water printshop in Pittsburgh, PA. Enjoy!